About GPD

Gulf Property Development is a subsidiary of the Arabian Company for Real Estate Development, "Abu Dhabi", GPD was founded in 2007 to invest in the real estate Egyptian market with a capital of 50 million Egyptian pounds that after the Arabian company posted many successes in its projects in the UAE and Lebanon, now GPD is seeking to provide the best real estate projects developed and distinctive using cutting edge technology in the world of construction, communications and smart home technology to achieve the highest degree of prosperity and security, which is one of the best investment areas that safe for all those who want to invest where value-added and competitive prices and payment methods multiple and extended.

Company Statement

Provide a variety of real estate projects promoted high and unique taste, and a touch of distinctive architecture that supported by the latest global technology to all segments of Egyptian society, and work on the completion of project management services and maintenance.

Our Vision

At GPD we are driven by the clear vision, "Play the role of leadership and excellence in real estate investment market in the Egypt and solving the difficult equation (taste and comfort of living with upscale architectural competitive prices with the highest return on investment)"

Our mission

• To be one of the leaders in real estate development.
• Our aim is to choose the best and unique locations to our projects.
• Continually improve our properties in order to achieve sustained growth.
• Provide our employees and residents of our properties with a stimulating environment that exceeds their expectations.

Chairman Words

"GPD is more than a company - it is a belief. A belief that defies ordinary thinking... when conventional wisdom says no we say yes and make it happens."

CEO Words

There is consensus among historians and Egyptologists that the ancient Egyptians were the first builders ever known to man; they taught humanity how to design and erect buildings; thus laying grounds for human civilization, urbanization and man's settlement in a specific homeland of his own for the first time in history. We have to complete what our grandfathers start.